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Rory + Tara engagement part one | Huntsville, AL engagement photography

I’ve been friends with Rory for a few years now. He is one of those awesome people who can make you feel comfortable right away, no matter what the situation. I knew it would take a special girl to snag him for good, and the moment he and Tara announced their engagement via Facebook (“SHE SAID YES!!!”) I got goosebumps of excitement. I love love! I love when my favorite people find love!

When he asked me to be their wedding photographer shortly after, I was ecstatic. Why? Because I have the perfect opportunity to get to know the girl who stole my friend’s heart (spoiler alert: she’s awesome), and even better, I get to capture their love when it’s fresh and sparkly. The best kind. (Who am I kidding. All love is the best kind. Hearts exploding.)

For our first session together, we planned to hang out at a local brewpub – Below the Radar – then walk around downtown Huntsville and eventually make our way to Green Mountain. Mother Nature had other plans, however, and the day of our session was pouring rain. Rory had already made reservations at Below the Radar, so we spent several hours hanging out and chatting over excellent beer and even better food. Let me provide some mouthwatering examples:


fried shrip with jalapeño top: risotto balls, bottom: fried shrip with jalapeño

I am hungry again just looking at those. Dear gods of food, THANK YOU for your bountiful harvest and for blessing the hands of the talented chef. Like I said, we spent the better part of four hours talking and really enjoying the atmosphere. Occasionally I took a picture or two, but for the most part we just enjoyed each other’s company. I am proud to call this gorgeous couple my friends and I can’t wait until their wedding in October.




OMG Tara, look at your ring. It is so big.

BTR-5 BTR-6 BTR-7 BTR-10

BTR-13 BTR-14 BTR-15 BTR-16 BTR-17
We rescheduled part two of our session for a beautiful day a couple of weeks later. Whitney, my partner in wedding crime over at Caught You on Camera, joined us. Part two, ahoy!  Thanks for your help, Whitney, and of course a very special thanks to Rory and Tara. Congratulations, darlings! Cheers to love.