I’m participating in a nail polish no-buy with a group of girls from a Facebook group, from October 15 until November 30th (or whenever everyone else is eliminated). At first I thought I’d kick ass, but it’s been a lot harder than I anticipated. The past few months I’d been acquiring polishes like crazy – especially with Zoyas finally hitting my Ulta (and its clearance rack). The China Glaze Wicked collection really called my name, too. I, however, have been good! Even with the suedes finally being sent out in the Julep Maven box! I skipped November. I have no idea how, because I wanted so many of them. What stopped me was realizing I’d be spending money on some polishes I didn’t want at all just to get the ones I did want. I figure, someone will eventually want to swap if I want them badly enough. Swapping is my saving grace.

Speaking of swapping, I’m in another Facebook group called Sisterhood of the Traveling Polish, and I am of course on the bottom of the list. It’s been torturous seeing all the beautiful colors being taken out of the box – but I know that there are some mysteries being put into the box, too. The box should be at my doorstep in a week or two.  I promise to share what I choose. 😉

Even though cosmetics aren’t included in the no-buy, I’m kind of forcing myself into a no-buy for everything that isn’t totally necessary. The Urban Decay 20% off sale was too tempting, though. I snagged Naked2 and a giant bottle of UDPP for $60, both of which I will use every single day. They arrived last week and I’ve been swooning over Naked2 ever since. Perfect collection of neutrals. I won’t share swatches or anything, because they are all over the internet, but I highly recommend it if you are in need of a good neutral eye palette. It’s super versatile for both simple and dramatic looks.

dat haul

Boring first EOTD look using Verve, Pistol, and Busted from Naked2. Also wearing UD Lip Junkie in Naked, which I now want in full-size.

Update on my Nailtiques treatment: on day 11 officially. I have not been diligent about daily application, though I did well the first five days. I had been sick and delirious for a couple of weeks, so remembering anything is a true accomplishment. After a few days I have noticed improvement in the strength of my nails, though they haven’t grown much obviously. I couldn’t stand bare nails any longer, so I caved and played with my new Zoya. Lucky for the treatment I get bored quicker than a toddler.

First post-Nailtiques NOTD: Zoya Meg, stamped with Color Club Worth the Risque using some Cheeky XL plate. I also added some hex glitters from a Spoiled polish. Hello messy cuticles!

That’s enough acquiring for now, and I will end this boring post. Consumerism! I has it!


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  1. I need to go on a makeup no buy. I’ve been going way too crazy lately LOL. Good luck!

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