hot mess week 2012

This week has been one of those. Sunday I woke up with some sort of fever/stomach virus that plagued me until I finally went to the doctor yesterday. Fortunately Monday was a holiday for me, so I was able to rest up, but I still needed to take most of Tuesday and Wednesday off. Meaning, of course, that all this week –  including today – I have rocked leggings and loose things, no makeup, chipped and broken nails, lazy buns, and the same grey headband.

Broken nails! Let’s talk about them. My nails have always been my problem children. The only time they’ve been really awesome is when I was pregnant, and they grew long and strong. Otherwise, they suck. I constantly mess with them, whether it’s absently chewing on cuticles or picking at polish. I get really frustrated with myself when I notice a nail breaking right at the quick, because it means that A) I’ll have to trim all of my nails really short so I don’t go insane and B) that nail will hurt and look stupid until it grows a little.  I have sort of small nails to begin with, so when they’re short I think they make my fingers look stubby and gross.
One day while browsing around CVS, I noticed the line of Nailtiques products. After some brief research, I thought it might be a good start to getting my nails nice and healthy. I had a coupon for 20% off at Ulta, so I stopped in there yesterday and bought the smaller bottle of Nailtiques Formula 2.

So here’s day one, freshly trimmed and  filed, my gross nails after my first application:


So let me apologize for the state of my cuticles, the yellowing, the dog hair, and the leftover Orly Liquid Vinyl. That shit sticks. The yellowing is from a lime green  Sinful Colors polish (I can’t remember the name) that I used over a month ago. I guess I can’t really complain about staining when the polish was 99 cents. Rambling aside, I’ll update with any results.

In other nail news, I picked up Zoya’s Lotus and Meg on sale at Ulta. How do I love thee, Ulta clearance?! So many gorgeous polishes with no home. Carly was on the shelf, too, and I put it back with remorse… I may go back and pick it up, if my husband doesn’t kill me first. Scrangie’s swatches are making the want even worse. Then there’s the Urban Decay Friends and Family sale, too. My wallet. It cries.


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