Wittlebee first box review!

After reading Rebecca Woolf’s (of Girl’s Gone Child fame) review of Wittlebee, I had to try it out for my own children. Unfortunately my daughter, being in size 6-7, is just out of the available size range (they only offer up to 5T currently), but my son is still in 3T so I knew I had to try it out.

The basic premise is this: you spend $39.99 on a special box of seasonally appropriate clothes curated just for you. Each box contains 6 pieces, though my box has 8 as I signed up in June, just before the switch. I am still undecided on whether I will go to the 6-piece box; the idea of pieces being higher quality for only a couple of bucks more per item is appealing. Either way, the items you do receive are fantastic.You can pause for up to three months and cancel anytime, no obligations.

When signing up, you select certain options to ensure you receive items that match your style and needs. Our current selections are:

  • Size: 3T
  • Clothing Style: Hipster, Mix and Match
  • Graphics: Skulls+Rock&Roll, Cars and Trucks, Stripes
  • Favorite Colors: Orange, Grey, Blue, Green
  • Styles needed: Short Sleeve, Shorts, Pants
  • Accessories Needed: Underwear, Pajamas
  • Styles not needed: Writing/Slogans
  • Climate: California Dreamin
  • Child’s Gender: Boy

(When choosing colors, the prompt says “choose up to 3,” but I honestly could not eliminate any from that lineup of 4. I hope it doesn’t upset my stylist ;))

You also have the option of having a mom stylist call you to add notes to your profile, but I did not use that. I did, however, add about a thousand notes. Things like “no hats” and “Stripes are awesome. Plaids are okay (he already has a LOT of plaid shorts).” I paid for my first box on June 5, it shipped on June 12, and arrived June 14. Amazing! I blame the lag between payment and shipment on the large influx of subscribers thanks to Wittlebee’s intense marketing. After I subscribed,  I noticed them all over the web! Discount codes everywhere! Way to suck us in. Now I can never stop 😉

So, onto the good stuff: our box! First, the box is adorably packaged. Each item is carefully rolled and packed into pretty tissue, sealed with a “wittle” bee sticker:

Cute, right? And here are all our goodies:

perfectionFive adorable tees, and three pair of perfectly comfy shorts. Julian went nuts when we opened the box at home. (I had this delivered to work, and of course had to take a little sneak peek before he did. Shhh.) His first outfit choice was the “monkey shirt and champion shorts.” (The red pair of shorts has a little embroidered logo with crossed racing flags, so he has deemed them “champion pants.” Apropos, no?)

The tees are AWESOME. I mean, really. Look at them. Geek monster, helicopter, skull skateboarding, and mowhawked Small Paul. The green tee is American Apparel, which is the softest and most comfortable shirt I think he owns. The shorts are all great for an active little boy in the hot Alabama summer. (By the way, 100º+ weather can kiss my ass. Must we revisit this?)

Thanks, Wittlebee, for a perfect first box. Our next box starts processing this week so I hope it comes quickly… maybe right in time for my birthday.

If you’re interested in signing up, you can get $10 off your first box by using my referral link (I’ll get $10, too, which is pretty sweet… share the love!). It’s a great gift for new moms and baby showers, or birthdays, or even families with multiple kids. You can mix and match sizes, genders, and styles in your boxes, or switch up months when entire boxes are devoted to each child. Plus, satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you don’t like a box, send it back and they’ll make sure you LOVE the next one. Wittlebee’s really got something sweet going on here. Check them out!


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