DIY flower birthday crown tutorial

I am never well prepared for birthday celebrations. Gwen is unlucky enough to have been born two weeks before Christmas, meaning I am even less prepared than usual, preoccupied with the other holidays surrounding. I’m not so awesome at throwing beautiful themed parties with all handmade everything, and I can’t afford to sink a house payment into Etsy shit.

A few weeks before her 3rd birthday in 2009, G requested a flower crown to wear at her party. So, of course, I made her one… the day of her birthday. It took about two hours total and cost about $10. Here’s what you need:

  • 20-gauge wire
  • ~30 1″ fabric flowers (I used 5-6 bunches from Hobby Lobby)
  • scissors and wire cutters (though I just used scissors… wire cutters would have been easier)
  • hot glue

Pictures and steps after the jump.

Cut about 24-36" of wire. You will be wrapping it around several times to make sure it is sturdy and the flowers have a nice base to stick into. I measured the crown so it would fit my head tightly. Twirl the end tightly about 2" past your head circumference, then start twirling the extra wire back around.

Wrap the wire around and around until you have a nice sturdy, but flexible circlet. Make sure the wire is not wrapped super tight, as you will want to stick the flowers into the spaces.

These are the types of flowers I used - $2 a bunch at Hobby Lobby.

Trim the blossoms off, leaving just a small amount of stem.

I used a small dab of hot glue on each flower, pressing the stem into the spaces between the wire and wrapping it carefully and tightly. If you use more than one color of type of flower, I found it easier to separate them out and place them evenly around so there is a nice mix.

And there you have it - a completed flower crown!

I made this crown over two years ago and it is still a regular in our dress-up repertoire. The nice feature of the wire is that it can be bent all sorts of ways, stuck into an overnight bag or dress-up box, taken out and reshaped again with ease. The flowers I used are a thick, soft material that does not crease.

I hope you’re better than me at planning for birthdays, but even if you’re not, this crown is a perfect last-minute gift or even party favors. Have fun crafting!


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