rainbow paper chain

rainbow paper chain

Birthday crafting for my 5 year old… last minute rainbow party, here we come.


2 responses to “rainbow paper chain

  1. I LOVE these!!! Makes me want to put some up in Bella’s room for everyday.
    Okay, I would LOVE you to take some shots of us when the weather warms up. Are you up for the challenge? We seem to have problems all looking at the camera at the same time AND having smiles on our faces.

    • I definitely will be putting them up in Gwen’s room once we get it painted. I found a paper pack at Hobby Lobby in the scrapbooking aisle that had the strips pre-cut and organized by color, so it was even easier than paper chains normally are.

      And of course! Just let me know what date is good for you guys when it gets warmer and we’ll get together one afternoon for a couple of hours. I’m bound to get something good of such a cute family 🙂

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