Prenatal yoga and light like buttah | Huntsville, AL maternity photographer

I am going to be straight with you: I have crazy baby fever. Crazy to the point of having picked out my names (and M has agreed on them). Ridiculous, right? Don’t answer. (Yes. It is ridiculous.) The one thing keeping my insane uterus in check is finances. We are comfortable with two kids. Adding a third means needing a larger car, among all the other new-baby expenses. Especially since all of the other baby stuff has been donated or tossed, I’d practically have to start from scratch. And I am not sure I am ready for the minivan yet… so, for now at least, G&J remain mine and M’s sole offspring. Good thing they are awesome.

Another good thing, my husband’s sister is pregnant with her first baby, a boy due in January. This will either sate my desire temporarily, or be like hairspray in a fire, igniting everything in its path. We shall see. I just want a newborn to nuzzle! Is that so much to ask? Two months and little P will be here for me to nuzzle all I want. Until then, I will rub Jes’s adorable belly with creepy anticipation. And before you ask, I have been granted an open invitation for belly rubs, thank you very much. I don’t invade that space without permission. I totally understand the bubble boundaries, particularly when full of little human.

(Note: P is actually short for Pizarro, one of his nicknames until they decide on The One.)

I am in love with maternity sessions. They are a wonderful way to capture a mama in her beautiful goddess glow. Throw in a sunset and you’ve got yourself a puddle of Kelli. The October afternoon light during our session was creamy and warm (yes, like butter)… perfect for a little prenatal yoga sequence. But first, we spent some time inside hanging out. Check out the peace on this mama’s face. Love love love. Thank you, Jes and Chris, for allowing me to capture this sweetness. Enjoy the gallery below…


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